Maserati Service Cost & Maintenance Schedule

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Whether you’re in need of routine maintenance or advanced repairs, you can trust the experts at Maserati of Akron to keep your vehicle running like the day it left the factory. Your vehicle will receive specialized care along with Genuine Maserati Parts designed specifically for your vehicle, letting you continue to enjoy the same levels of performance you’ve grown to love. Maserati of Akron has assembled this guide which can help you find the service your Maserati vehicle needs at a specific mileage interval.

Maintenance Schedule for Ghibli, Levante, and Quattroporte V6

Maintenance Schedule

Every 12,000 Miles or One Year


  • Replace engine oil and filter
  • Check engine coolant level, brake fluid, windshield, and windshield fluid
  • Inspect belts
  • Check engine for leaks
  • Check braking system
  • Check lines, calipers, connections, and parking brake operation
  • Check front and rear suspension, articulated joints, front and rear underframe, and their tightening
  • Check bonnets, hinges, doors, and seats (operation and linings status)
  • Check tire condition and pressure control
  • Check headlamp operation
  • Check operation of seats and seat belts
  • Run diagnostic scan

At 25,000 Miles or Two Years


Perform the one-year service PLUS:

  • flush brake fluid
  • replace cabin air filter

At 37,500 Miles or Three Years


Perform the one-year service PLUS:

  • Replace spark plugs

At 50,000 Miles or Four Years


Perform the two-year service PLUS:

  • Replace engine air filters
  • Replace belts

At 62,500 Miles or Five Years


Perform the one-year service

At 75,000 Miles or Six Years


Perform the two-year service and three-year service