Maserati Lease Loyalty Program in Akron, OH

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It’s easy to grow accustomed to the unparalleled driving experience that you’ve come to enjoy when you drive your Maserati. To help reward your devotion to the Maserati brand, Maserati of Akron is proud to introduce the Maserati Lease Loyalty Program. You’ll receive significant savings and continue to appreciate the Maserati experience you have grown to love.

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Program Details

Current Maserati lessees and owners who lease a new Maserati vehicle during the program will have the option for one of the following:

Lease Loyalty Pull-Ahead
(Lease Loyalty Pull-Ahead amount is payment based and must be calculated)
Current Maserati lessees who lease a new eligible Maserati can receive up to $7,500 credit toward their new lease
Current Lease New Eligible Lease Model Pull-Ahead Payment Limit Per Month Dollar Limit Eligible for Total Maximum Payment
Must have a current Maserati lease 2019/2020MY Ghibli (all models) Up to 6 payments Up to $1,250 per month Up to $7,500 total
2019/2020MY Levante (all models)
2019/2020MY Quattroporte (all models)
2019/2020MY GranTurismo Convertible (all models)
Lease Loyalty Cash
Current Maserati lessees whose remaining payments are less than $2,000 total OR Current Maserati owners who lease a new eligible Maserati can receive $2,000 credit toward their new lease
Current Vehicle New Eligible Lease Model Lease Loyalty Cash
Must Currently Own or Lease Maserati 2019/2020 MY Ghibli (all models) $2,000
2019/2020 MY Levante (all models)
2019/2020 MY Quattroporte (all models)
2019/2020 MY GranTurismo Convertible (all models)

Program Compatibility

  • Lease Loyalty Pull-Ahead is NOT compatible with Lease Loyalty Cash
  • Current Maserati lessees qualify for either Lease Loyalty Pull-Ahead OR Lease Loyalty Cash
  • Current Maserati owners only qualify for Lease Loyalty Cash

Guidelines for Current Maserati Vehicle Owners and Lessees

  • Current Maserati owners or lessees (same household) must lease a new eligible Maserati vehicle.
  • Owner must show proof of ownership (Current Vehicle Registration)
  • The Customer Eligibility documentation is required for Lessees
    • Any of the following: Copy of existing lease agreement, current billing statement or other documentation deemed acceptable by MNA
    • If previous lease has been turned-in already, it must have been within the last 30 days in order to qualify for this program
  • To be considered active, the customer must have at least one payment due as of the contract date for the eligible new Maserati model. Active status is determined by the MCUSA contract date being greater than 30 days from the original maturity date of the lease. Leases that have been extended beyond the original maturity date are not eligible.
  • Lessee must be current on payments and in good standing in current lease
  • Payoff, trade-in, or return of the existing lease is not required; however, current MCUSA credit guidelines apply as applicable to each transaction.
  • Single pay leases are eligible. The amount of the monthly payment credit is calculated by taking the single pay payment amount divided by the term of the lease agreement (at a maximum of $1,250/payment).

Transferability and Other Credit Parameters for Eligible Leases

  • Customers whose existing lease is in a business name (where they are not listed on the lease) who want the Maserati contract to be in an individual’s name (or vice versa) can do so as long as appropriate documentation (as deemed by MNA) is provided detailing the association.
  • Customers whose existing competitive lease is in their individual name may contract with MCUSA in the individual name of their spouse if both parties have the same last name and address.